Eggcase Results

With over 32,000 individual eggcase records submitted, the Great Eggcase Hunt is a phenomenon! 

The map below shows eggcase hunts that have taken place around the UK and Ireland between 2003 and 2011. As you can see there are a few black holes, which represent parts of the coastline where either no hunts have been conducted, or no eggcases have been found.

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Eggcase Surveys Conducted Around the UK and Ireland since 2003:

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Is your home beach or favourite stretch of coastline covered? 

If not - the Shark Trust encourages you to get involved. Eggcase hunts are key in determining the whereabouts of shark, skate and ray nursery grounds. The identification of these critical areas will enable the Shark Trust to propose conservation measures, which will help to reverse the decline of these charismatic animals.