Adopt a Whale Shark

Whale Shark © Gareth Milson.

Whale Shark Adoption Pack.

The Whale Shark adoption pack is presented in an A4 shark motif folder and includes:

  • Personalised certificate
  • A4 picture of a Whale Shark
  • Factsheet about the Whale Shark Research Project
  • Shark Trust leaflets (these will vary according to current campaigns and projects)
  • Car sticker
  • Bookmark
  • Set of 8 postcards

The Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) is the largest fish in the sea! Adopt not just one Whale Shark but a whole shiver today for just £20!

When you adopt a Whale Shark with the Shark Trust, you will be supporting current research taking place in the Maldives by the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP).

Below are just some of the sharks you will be adopting:

Ayesha © MWSRP. Ayesha is the first and biggest female shark recorded at 6.5m long. She is a very placid and has a large chunk missing from her tail.
Christy © MWSRP. Christy is 4.6m long and the second female shark to be identified by MWSRP.
Ella © MWSRP. Ella is the smallest shark of the bunch, less than 3m long, she is a favourite among the researchers and is very inquisitive.
Joey © MWSRP. Joey is 6.5m long. When MWSRP first discovered Joey his fin had been sliced and was barely hanging on. Later it was discovered that Joey was the victim of an unsuccessful finning attempt. He has now healed and is doing well.
Skye © MWSRP. Skye is a small shark - just 4m long. He has the most beautiful vibrant pattern of spots.
Winston © MWSRP. Winston was the first shark to be identified by MWSRP. He is 6.8m long and very well-travelled, making journeys thousands of miles long!

Whale Shark Gallery:

The images below have been provided by photographers from around the world.

Whale Shark © Steve Jones.

Whale Shark © Jaon Tiveros.

Whale Shark © Gareth Millson.

Whale Shark © Simon Rogerson.

Whale Shark © Steven Miller.

Whale Shark © Jeff Milisen.

Whale Shark © Ellen Cuylaerts.

Whale Shark © Chris Wildblood.

Whale Shark © Mark Bradfield.

Whale Shark © Tim Davies.