Shark Trust Campaigns

The Shark Trust campaigns on all aspects of shark conservation and shark fisheries management, including; action against shark finning; campaigning for sustainable European management of shark, skate and ray fisheries; lobbying for improved protection through international and domestic measures, as well as other national and international shark concerns on a case by case basis.

Our campaigns involve the lobbying of governments within the UK, Europe and at an international level. It may also involve working directly with stakeholders including commercial and recreational fishing sectors and associated industries, scuba divers, yachtsmen and the general public.

We are a well respected advocate for shark management and protection, campaigning in a rational manner using fact based material to support our positions; we do not engage in direct action. Although our activities may not necessarily grab headlines, they do get results!  Visit our Shark Trust Achievements page to find out more about our contribution to shark conservation.

Raising public awareness about shark conservation is also a big part of what we do, as public support is crucial to the success of many campaigns. To find out how you can get involved click on one of our current campaigns below:

No Limits? Campaign.
No Limits; No future.
A campaign to highlight the urgent need for science-based catch limits for exploited shark species.
Image © Andrea Marshall.
Stop Shark Finning -
Help stop the cruel practice of cutting off shark fins and discarding the body at sea.
Shark Fins © Jessica King.
Shark Alliance -
The Shark Trust was a founder member of the Shark Alliance.