Chimaera Diet
Chimaera © Simon Rogerson.

Very little information is known with regards to the prey and feeding habits of chimaera, however it is speculated that they feed upon a number of benthic invertebrates and possibly other small fish species, including other chondrichthyans. Marine worms also known as polychaetes and several species of bivalves such as hydrothermal vent mussels have been shown to be prominent in the diet of the Rabbitfish (Chimaera monstrosa). Larger crustaceans such as shrimps are thought to be of nutritional significance to this species as well as soft-bodied prey such as jellyfish. Chimaeras have few natural predators in the wild, but it is most likely that their close shark relatives are their primary predators; the Elephantshark (Callorhinchus milii) has been found within the stomach contents of both a New Zealand carpet shark and some species of school sharks.

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