Display Materials

The Shark Trust has designed a range of display materials to raise awareness and inspire others to get involved in shark conservation.

Shark Trust Leaflets:

Printed versions of the leaflets below are freely available. The Shark Trust will cover postage costs for requests under 50 leaflets, however should you require more we can arrange for a courier to deliver a large box of leaflets (~1000) for £12. 

Shark Trust Leaflet.
Shark Trust 
British Sharks Leaflet.
British Sharks
Basking Shark Leaflet.
Basking Shark
British Skates & Rays Leaflet
British Skates &
Rays (pdf)
The Great Eggcase Hunt Leaflet.
Great Eggcase
Project (pdf)

Shark Trust Posters:

British Sharks Poster.
British Sharks Poster

Shark Anatomy Poster.
Shark Anatomy Poster (pdf)
A-Z of Sharks Poster
A-Z of Sharks Poster


Skate Life Cycle Poster.
Skate Life Cycle Poster:
Junior / Adult (pdf

Dogfish are Sharks too Poster
Dogfish are Sharks too Poster (pdf)
Great Eggcase Hunt Poster.
Great Eggcase Hunt Poster (pdf)

Shark Trust Panels:

The Shark Trust also have a range of larger display materials, which are available for schools and aquariums to hire or purchase.

Our Sharks in Focus exhibition is currently on tour and we can arrange for you to exhibit this at your venue. We also have a striking set of awareness panels titled Valuable yet Vulnerable, which can be viewed below. These panels can be printed in a range of formats to suit your space - contact us to arrange a quote.

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