Display Materials

The Shark Trust has designed a range of display materials to raise awareness and inspire others to get involved in shark conservation.

Shark Trust Leaflets:

Printed versions of the leaflets below are freely available. The Shark Trust will cover postage costs for requests under 50 leaflets, however should you require more we can arrange for a courier to deliver a large box of leaflets (~1000) for £12. 

Shark Trust Leaflet.
Shark Trust 

British Sharks Leaflet.
British Sharks


Basking Shark Leaflet.
English (pdf)
Italian (pdf)

British Skates & Rays Leaflet.
British Skates &
Rays (pdf)


The Great Eggcase Hunt Leaflet.
English (pdf)
Dutch (pdf)

Shark Trust Posters:

British Sharks Poster.
British Sharks Poster

Shark Anatomy Poster.
Shark Anatomy Poster (pdf)
A-Z of Sharks Poster.
A-Z of Sharks Poster


Skate Life Cycle Poster.
Skate Life Cycle Poster:
Junior / Adult (pdf

Dogfish are Sharks too Poster.
Dogfish are Sharks too Poster (pdf)
Great Eggcase Hunt Poster.
Great Eggcase Hunt Poster (pdf)
No Limits? Leaflet and infographic.
No Limits? Leaflet & Infographic (pdf)

Shark Trust Panels:

We also have a range of larger display materials, which are available for schools and aquariums to hire or purchase.

We currently have two sets of awareness panels; Valuable yet Vulnerable and No Limits? No Future!, which can be viewed below. These panels can be printed in a range of formats to suit your space - contact us to arrange a quote.

No Limits? No Future!:


Valuable yet Vulnerable:


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