We believe that generating awareness about conservation is key to ensuring the future survival of sharks. We have a strong background in education and outreach, and have created a range of resources, which can be downloaded below.


Our leaflets are freely available to all Shark Trust supporters - if you'd like us to send you a selection please get in touch.

We can also provide organisations with larger volumes, however we kindly ask that our postage and packaging costs are covered. We've found that the most cost effective way is to send one large box (containing approximately 800 leaflets) by courier, which costs £15.

Shark Trust Leaflet.
Shark Trust 


Basking Shark Leaflet.
Basking Shark
leaflet (pdf)

The Great Eggcase Hunt Leaflet.
Great Eggcase
Hunt leaflet (pdf)

No Limits campaign leaflet.
No Limits?
campaign leaflet (pdf)


British Sharks Poster.
British Sharks Poster

Shark Anatomy Poster.
Shark Anatomy Poster (pdf)
A-Z of Sharks Poster.
A-Z of Sharks Poster


Skate Life Cycle Poster.
Skate Life Cycle Poster (pdf)

Dogfish are Sharks too Poster.
Dogfish are Sharks too Poster (pdf)
Great Eggcase Hunt Poster.
Great Eggcase Hunt Poster (pdf)
Basking Shark Code of Conduct Poster (pdf).
Basking Shark Code of Conduct Poster (pdf)
Great Eggcase Hunt ID Poster (pdf)
Great Eggcase Hunt ID Poster (pdf)


We also have a range of larger display materials available for schools and aquariums to hire or purchase, which can be printed in a range of formats to suit your space - contact us to find out more.



Colouring Sheets:

Angelshark Colouring Sheet.
Colouring Sheet
Chimaera Colouring Sheet.
Colouring Sheet
Eagle Ray Colouring Sheet.
Eagle Ray
Colouring Sheet
Hammerhead Shark Colouring Sheet.Hammerhead Shark
Colouring Sheet
Manta Ray Colouring Sheet.Manta Ray
Colouring Sheet
Oceanic Whitetip Shark Colouring Sheet.Oceanic Whitetip Shark
Colouring Sheet
Tiger Shark Colouring Sheet.Tiger Shark
Colouring Sheet
Whale Shark Colouring Sheet. Whale Shark
Colouring Sheet

Draw a Shark:

Draw a Goblin Shark. Draw a Hammerhead Shark. Draw a Raggedtooth Shark. Draw a Zebra Shark.
Goblin Shark (pdf) Hammerhead Shark (pdf) Raggedtooth Shark (pdf) Zebra Shark (pdf)


British Sharks Wordsearch.
British Sharks

British Skates and Rays Wordsearch.
British Skates & Rays

Shark Anatomy Wordsearch.
Shark Anatomy

Shark Reproduction Wordsearch.
Shark Reproduction

Food Webs Wordsearch.
Food Webs
Environments Wordsearch.
Sharks in Danger Wordsearch.
Sharks in Danger
Shark Conservation Wordsearch.
Shark Conservation


White Shark Dot to Dot.
White Shark Dot to Dot
Tiger Shark Spot the Difference.
Tiger Shark Spot the
Difference (pdf)


Port Jackson Shark Cartoon © Shark Trust.

Pups Activity Zone

Aimed at under 12's this section contains lots of information about sharks, including fun facts, species factsheets, posters and activity sheets...
➤ Visit the Pups Activity Zone

Basil the Basking Shark © Marc Dando.

Marine Educators Teaching Toolkit

With a specific focus on sharks and their role within the environment, this toolkit provides an ecosystem-wide approach and includes; teacher's notes; worksheets; discussion, picture and vocab cards.
Marine Educators Teaching Toolkit