Commercial Fisheries Advisories 2014

In conjunction with Defra and the MMO the Shark Trust has released 19 Commercial Fisheries Advisories, to assist the commercial fishing industry and enforcement agencies through the provision of rapid access to the legislative status of sharks, skates and rays in UK and EU waters.

All Advisories can be downloaded below. To accompany these you may also find the Shark Trust's Shark, Skate & Ray ID Guides useful.

Please note:

1. TACs and restrictions for some species may have changed since 2013.

2. New Advisories have been created for the Starry Skate (Amblyraja radiata) and the Common Skate (Dipturus batis complex).

3. These Advisories are intended to assist commercial fishermen and enforcement agencies only. Recreational anglers should be aware of restrictions on the landing of Tope in England, Scotland and Wales, as well as Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 protection for Angelsharks, Basking Sharks and White Skate, out to 12 nautical miles. Anglers fishing in Scottish waters should also be aware of landing restrictions for an additional 21 shark, skate and ray species – see the Scottish Sharks, Skates and Rays Sea Angling Advisory.

➤ Download Sea Angling Advisories from the Angler Recording Project.

4.The Deepwater Sharks Advisory applies to the following species: deepwater catsharks (Apristurus spp.), Frilled Shark, Gulper Shark, Leafscale Gulper Shark, Lowfin Gulper Shark, Portuguese Dogfish, Longnose Velvet Dogfish, Birdbeak Dogfish, Black Dogfish, Kitefin Shark, Great Lanternshark, Velvetbelly Lanternshark, Mouse Catshark, Greenland Shark, Bluntnose Sixgill Shark, Sailfin Roughshark, Knifetooth Dogfish, Rough Longnose Dogfish and Arrowhead Dogfish.

NB - all gulper sharks (Centrophorus spp.) are now included in zero-TAC; Blackmouth Catshark has been removed from zero-TAC.

5. Legislation was correct at time of printing (March 2014). As TACs and quotas are met or altered some Advisories may be subject to change – the Shark Trust will issue updates when they arise.

Download all 19 Fisheries Advisories (pdf)


Angelshark Fisheries Advisory.
Angelshark / Monkfish

Basking Shark Fisheries Advisory.
Basking Shark

Deep Water Sharks Fisheries Advisory.
Deepwater Sharks

Guitarfish Fisheries Advisory.Guitarfishes

Hammerhead Sharks Fisheries Advisory.
Hammerhead Sharks

Oceanic Whitetip Shark Fisheries Advisory.Oceanic Whitetip

Porbeagle Shark Fisheries Advisory.
Porbeagle Shark

Silky Shark Fisheries Advisory.
Silky Shark

Spiny Dogfish Fisheries Advisory.
Spurdog / Spiny Dogfish (pdf)

Thresher Sharks Fisheries Advisory.
Thresher Sharks


Tope Fisheries Advisory.
Tope Shark

White Shark Fisheries Advisory.
White Shark


Skates and Rays:

Black Skate Fisheries Advisory.
Black Skate

Common Skate Fisheries Advisory.
Common Skate

Giant Manta Fisheries Advisory.
Giant Manta Ray

Starry Skate Fisheries Advisory.
Starry Skate

Undulate Ray Fisheries Advisory.
Undulate Ray
White Skate Fisheries Advisory.
White Skate
Skates and Rays Reporting Fisheries Advisory.
Skate & Ray Reporting

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