Sharks in Focus 2013Whitetip Reef Sharks © Terry Goss.

The photography competition that aims to change attitudes about sharks through imagery.

We were delighted to launch Sharks in Focus, in partnership with Diver Magazine, again in 2013 and would like to thank everyone who has taken part. To view the overall winner, category winners, runners up and all highly commended images click here. Alternatively click on the buttons below to view our category slideshows, which showcases all our entries for 2013. The categories were:

Shark! – The White Shark has become infamous, and even has its own theme tune.  However there are over 500 species of shark found worldwide, let’s celebrate them all!

Shark Personality – Sharks are known as formidable predators but they can also be playful, lazy, calm, shy and inquisitive…how do you see them?

Best of British – British waters are home to over 50 species of shark, skate and ray, including some of the fastest and rarest in the world – here’s your chance to help us showcase them.

Skates & Rays – These flat, cartilaginous fish are closely related to sharks, and with over 600 species worldwide, there are more than enough to choose from!

Human Encounters – This category provides an opportunity to explore the relationship between humans and sharks, whether positive or negative.

Thank you to our sponsors; Plymouth National Marine Aquarium and Charles Hood Photography, for making the competition possible, as well as our panel of judges who have had the difficult task of selecting this year’s winners. We are extremely grateful to Alex Mustard, Michael Aw and Andy Murch for providing their expertise, as renowned underwater photographers, and for taking time from their hectic schedules to judge the competition.

Sharks in Focus 2013 was supported by:

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