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Anglers – please complete the form below to record your shark, skate and ray catches from throughout the UK.

All marks supplied will remain 100% confidential. You can enter a general description of the catch location (i.e. ‘approx. 7 miles SW of Looe’) or use your GPS/smartphone to provide exact co-ordinates. Either way, the Shark Trust will not release exact fishing marks.

All maps and reports produced as part of the project will display catch statistics using highly approximated co-ordinates or displaying them at a county (or other large geographic area) scale. All reports and conclusions will be made freely available, especially to anglers participating in the project.

If you'd prefer to share your catch records with us directly please contact us by phone or email. Alternatively, you’re welcome to post catch records to: Angler Recording Project, The Shark Trust, 4 Creykes Court, 5 Craigie Drive, The Millfields, Plymouth, PL1 3JB.

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