Sea Angling Advisories

Download Sea Angling Advisories applicable to anglers fishing in English, Welsh and Scottish waters:

Angelshark Sea Angling Advisory.

Porbeagle Shark Sea Angling Advisory.

Scottish Sharks, Skates and Rays Angling Advisory.
Scottish Sharks, Skates
& Rays (pdf)

Tope Sea Angling Advisory.
Tope (England & Wales)

White Skate Sea Angling Advisory.
White Skate

Handling Sharks - Best Practice.
Handling Sharks -
Best Practice (pdf)

Skates & Rays Handling - Best Practice.
Handling Skates & Rays -
Best Practice (pdf)

Responsible Shark, Skate & Ray Angling.
Responsible Shark,
Skate & Ray Angling (pdf)