Sensational Sharks
Sandtiger Shark © Sabrina Belloni.

The Shark Trust has teamed up with the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth to create Sensational Sharks: Science Curriculum Coverage with bite!

This is a KS1 & 2 educational programme that combines a tour of the National Marine Aquarium with pre and post-visit resources developed by the Shark Trust. Sharks are the top predators in our oceans and as such, provide an ideal platform to examine key aspects of the marine environment and appeal to the fascination of all. This programme presents a perfect opportunity to showcase the sharks on exhibit at the NMA while investigating key aspects such as:

  • Nutrition and dentition
  • Habitats
  • Adaptations
  • Species identification and local diversity
  • Food webs 

➤ Download the programme of study here - Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2.

For further information please contact Lauren Taylor at: / 01752 275206.

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