Shark Activities
St Davids School uses sharkometer © Shark Trust.

The Shark Trust frequently attend outreach events, where we engage the general public and spread awareness about shark conservation. We encourage others to spread the word and have come up with a few fun activities that everyone can get involved with while also learning all about sharks.

Sharkometer (find out how big sharks are):

The Sharkometre is a great way to introduce children to the variation in sizes between sharks, from the tiny Pygmy Lantern Shark, at just 20cm they can fit in the palm of your hand, to the magnificent Whale Shark that can reach up to 17m in length! Download instructions on how to make your own sharkometer, including shark labels (pdf).

Organise a Great Eggcase Hunt:

Search for washed up shark eggcases along your local beach and report your findings to us to help with our Great Eggacse Hunt Project. To find out more and download lots of useful resources visit the Great Eggcase Hunt Project page.

Why not customise your eggcase hunt with:

  • Skate Mats - Create some life-sized floor mats/cut-outs in the shape of different species of skate, including the 2m wide Common Skate. Each can be printed with facts and figures relevant to each species. These can then be used as stepping-stones with the smallest skate, Starry Skate, as the starting point and the largest, Common Skate, as the goal. Find out about skates and rays.
  • Eggcase Models - Monster papier mâché eggcases are always a big hit and can be cunningly devised so that toy sharks/rays can be stored inside and pulled out. Read how to make a giant eggcase (pdf).
  • Displays - Once you have recorded the eggcases, display them! Peg them along a washing line, place them in a small, clear tank of water, or arrange them in a display cabinet. Alternatively you could always create a big eggcase collage.

Make your own strandline:

If you can’t get to the beach, why not bring the beach to you? When we attend outreach events we usually bring along our own strandline, as this has proven very popular. All you need is an inflatable paddling pool, some plastic sheeting, a rubber bucket, sand and flotsam. Download instructions on how to make your own strandline (pdf).

Other ideas:

Shark Races - run the length of two Whale Sharks and a White Shark! (That’s 40m).

Shark Quiz’s - create a shark quiz using the information provided on the Shark Trust website.

Shark Art and Poems - send them to us and we'll add these to the website.

We hope these ideas have been inspiring. Should you try any of these activities or have any other suggestions we would love to hear from you and find out how you got on. We always welcome pictures too for our online gallery.

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