Sharks in Focus 2013 Terms and Conditions

1. A maximum of two images per category can be entered per person. Any additional images submitted will automatically be discounted.

2. All images are required in high-resolution digital format (at least 21cm x 30cm / 2480px x 3508px at 300dpi). If the picture can’t be reproduced in print at suitable quality, it will not be considered for the final shortlist.

3. All photos of free-swimming sharks must have been taken in natural circumstances, with no efforts made to provoke the subject into display or threatening behaviour. The use of food to attract sharks for photographic purposes is only acceptable provided that it was done according to principles of good practice as outlined in the Shark Trust Shark Feeding Guidelines.

4. The Shark Trust reserves the right to reject any images of an unsuitable nature including: out of focus images; advertising or product placement; distasteful subject matter; or images where it is believed that the subject has been provoked beyond the activities referenced in point 3.

5. Images submitted to previous Sharks in Focus competitions will not be considered.

6. Manipulated photographs will be eligible only where manipulation is limited to cropping, removal of blemishes, or brightness/colour/contrast corrections. Watermarked images will be not be considered.

7. Captions are required and should be limited to 25 words. Photographs submitted will be judged on their own merits but captions may help to highlight the relevance or significance of an image to the category in which it is submitted. 

8. The copyright of the image must be held by the entrant, or written permission from the copyright holder must be held for the entrant to submit the image in the name of the photographer. It is the legal responsibility of the entrant to ensure this requirement is met and evidence of this may be requested. Images belonging to a third party who hold exclusive rights of use should not be entered.

9. The Shark Trust does not accept liability for any lost, delayed or incomplete entry. We advise all entrants to keep a digital copy of their entries.

10. Images must be submitted before 5pm on the 28th August 2013. Winners will be announced on the 30th September.

11. Appointed judges will choose the final winners for each category. Judges' decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into concerning these decisions. Commended images will be added to the Shark Trust Facebook page where supporters will have the opportunity to like one image from each category - the images with the most likes will win the public vote.

12. The copyright will remain with the photographer and he/she grants the Shark Trust the right to publish these media in non-commercial Shark Trust publications (i.e. web site, ePublications, newsletters, magazines, books, annual reviews, exhibits etc). The photographer retains full and exclusive commercial rights. The photographer allows the Shark Trust to include these images in the Shark Trust Media Library ad infinitum and the right to use these images for non-commercial purposes.

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