Skate and Ray Factsheets

The Shark Trust’s skate and ray factsheets provide detailed species information and includes a full reference list for further reading.

Each factsheet includes the species; scientific name, common name, distribution, appearance, similar species and teeth. An ecology and biology section includes information about their habitat, diet, reproduction and commercial importance, threats conservation, legislation, IUCN Red List Assessment and handling advice.

Download individual factsheets for the 21 species of skate and ray encountered in British and Irish waters below. Shark factsheets are also available.

British Skates & Rays

Arctic Skate

Atlantic Torpedo Ray

Black Skate

Blonde Ray

Common Eagle Ray

Common Skate

Common Stingray

Cuckoo Ray

Giant Devil Ray

Long-nosed Skate

Marbled Torpedo Ray

Pelagic Stingray

Round Ray

Sandy Ray

Shagreen Ray

Small-eyed Ray

Spotted Ray

Starry Skate

Thornback Ray

Undulate Ray

White Skate

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