The Future
Oceanic Whitetip Shark © Morten Beier.

Despite global progress on a number of fronts, many shark species still require urgent management or protection, while existing management is often in need of strengthening or effective enforcement. There remains much to be achieved.

Over the next five years the Shark Trust’s priority objectives for policy and public awareness will include:

➤ Improved conservation of threatened shark species at UK, EU and international levels, through effective advocacy and implementation of protective legislation, including:

➤ Influencing the implementation of an effective and robust European Community Plan of Action for Sharks and equivalent domestic frameworks;

➤ Delivery of recovery plans for the most threatened species;

➤ Working with government and stakeholders to achieve sustainable management of non-threatened shark species through significantly improved management;

➤ Securing protection for vulnerable species under domestic policy;

➤ Addressing the issue of excessive shark bycatch and the requirement for derogations from the proposed EU discards ban;

➤Maintaining and expanding public involvement in conservation activities and extending the geographic range of popular projects such as the Great Eggcase Hunt and the Basking Shark Photo-ID Project;

➤ Demonstrating and facilitating best practice and adherence to Codes of Conduct in the recreational sector;

➤ Continuing to raise awareness of sharks;

➤ Working effectively with the Shark Trust membership to ensure retention and expansion;

➤ Continuing to build a strong and stable Shark Trust.

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