Let's Stop Uncontrolled Shark Fishing!

Our No Limits? campaign aims to stop the overfishing of unmanaged shark species in the Atlantic. 


Overfishing is currently the biggest threat facing sharks worldwide. Landings have soared over past decades placing huge pressure on shark populations. This has serious implications for the wider marine ecosystem, as well as the communities that rely on sharks for their livelihood.

No Limits? sharks in particular are in serious trouble and need our urgent attention. These include Blue Sharks, Shortfin Mako, Tope, smoothhounds and catsharks.
All of which are being fished at an alarming rate in the Atlantic.

If we want to keep these sharks in our waters we need to ensure they’re fished
sustainably. So, we’re campaigning for science-based catch limits to be set. Before it’s too late.

Blue Sharks and Shortfin Makos are mainly caught on the high seas, and are therefore in need of international management. Our No Limits? campaign and our work with the Shark League
work hand in hand to transform high seas shark fisheries.



The Blue Shark is the most heavily fished. They're taken in huge volume as ‘wanted’ bycatch. Especially by Spanish and Portuguese pelagic longliners.


The Shortfin Mako is the fastest shark on record. Sadly they're caught with equal speed. Highly prized for meat and fins, they're an important bycatch for pelagic longliners fishing for tuna and swordfish.


Smoothhounds are important predators in coastal waters. They keep the ecosystem in balance by targeting crabs, shrimp and small fish. An emerging market for smoothhounds will place huge pressure on shark populations. 


Tope are one of the most widely fished sharks. Taken as bycatch and targeted for their meat, fins and liver oil. There is some management for Tope in UK waters, yet we want to see this extended across European waters.


Catsharks can be locally abundant. But patchy distribution and a low reproductive rate make them vulnerable. Careful management and monitoring is vital to ensuring sustainability of fisheries.

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