With a lifelong interest in wildlife, I now enjoy working with the Shark Trust team to further the worldwide conservation of sharks, skates and rays. Since working here I've developed a particular fondness for the strange and mysterious deep-sea chimaera.

My role involves managing the Shark Trust's marketing and communications - working to increase the charity's profile, improve supporter engagement, and ensure continuity of the Shark Trust brand across all channels. I love creating content for our passionate and dedicated supporters. I also love drawing, so you may see some of my illustrations popping up on our resources!

With a background in arts marketing I joined the Trust in August 2009. Ever since then I've been enjoying discovering more about the amazing world of sharks, and raising awareness about their conservation.

My favourite shark is probably the...Epaulette Shark. It's so hard to choose just one! But the Epaulette is colourful, has a lovely pattern and is extremely cute. Not to mention it can walk!