Limited Edition - Adopt a Shark Egg this Easter

But hurry, these chocolate-alternative treats are only available until the 15 April

NEW for 2019, this quirky gift includes an egg hunt of a more unusual kind. Search for shark and skate eggcases around your house (or garden) and learn how to identify which species the eggs belong to using our Easter ID Guide. Discover lots of fun shark facts to impress your friends. 

What better way to introduce the next generation to the amazing variety of sharks and skates off our shores?

You'll also be supporting shark conservation by helping to fund our Great Eggcase Hunt. A project that uses collective action to gather important data on egglaying sharks and skates. The more we know about these species the better we can act to protect them. 


The shark eggs you'll be adopting were laid by a Nursehound in a sheltered channel in South Devon, UK.

They were discovered by long term Shark Trust supporter and eggcase recorder, John Hepburn, who then got in touch with us. Since April 2014, John and our Senior Conservation Officer, Cat Gordon, have been regularly checking in on the site (in all weathers!).

During their visits they photograph and record each eggcase in the channel. They also carefully attach each one with a small tag to keep track of how many there are and their development progress. When they hatch and the eggcase is empty, the original tag is then removed.

Find out more by adopting a shark egg today. 


In your pack you'll find:

  • Personalised Adoption Certificate
  • Poster (A4)
  • Factsheets about your adopted Nursehound eggs and the Great Eggcase Hunt
  • Our Easter Eggcase Hunt Trail
  • 4 copies of the Easter Eggcase Hunt ID Guide (more copies can be downloaded from our website at
  • A4 sheet of stickers

Celebrate this Easter in style!

Adopt a Shark Egg

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