Species Distribution

There are over 30 species of sharks in British waters but only a few of these reproduce by laying eggcases. The eggcases of Nursehounds (or Bull Huss) and Smallspotted Catsharks (or Lesser Spotted Dogfish) are commonly found on British shores, while the Blackmouth Catshark is a deeper-water species so eggcases are not often washed ashore (or maybe they're just not reported to us!).

At least 16 different species of skate and ray are regularly encountered in British coastal waters - the eggcases of nine species have so far been recorded to the Great Eggcase Hunt (the Blue Skate isn't featured here as it has only recently been split from the 'Common Skate' complex and only two records have ever been reported).

Click on a species below to find out where in the UK their eggcases have been found.

Blonde Ray © Marc Dando.
Blonde Ray

(Raja brachyura)
Common Skate © Marc Dando.Common Skate
(Dipturus batis)
Cuckoo Ray © Marc Dando.Cuckoo Ray
(Leucoraja naevus)
Nursehound © Marc Dando.
(Scyliorhinus stellaris)
Small-eyed Ray © Marc Dando.Small-eyed Ray
(Raja microocellata)
Smallspotted Catshark © Marc Dando.
Smallspotted Catshark
(Scyliorhinus canicula)
Spotted Ray © Marc Dando.
Spotted Ray
(Raja montagui)
Starry Skate © Marc Dando.
Starry Skate

(Amblyraja radiata)
Thornback Ray © Marc Dando.
Thornback Ray
(Raja clavata)
Undulate Ray © Marc Dando.
Undulate Ray

(Raja undulata)
White Skate © Marc Dando.
White Skate

(Rostroraja alba)

Please note:
Not all of these records have been verified (eggcases or photographs seen by the Shark Trust ), so occasional anomalies will emerge in the distribution maps. However, more and more records are being submitted with images and can therefore be verified, which improves the overall quality of the database.