Great Eggcase Hunt Resources

Skate Life Cycle © Marc Dando.Below are links to downloadable leaflets, posters and ID guides, which will help you with your eggcase hunt and to identify any eggcases you find. You can also download the Shark Trust eggcase app - search ‘ST eggcase' in the iPhone and Google Play stores.

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Eggcases Underwater Leaflet (pdf)

➤ Celebrating 100,000 eggcase records - report (pdf)

Great Eggcase Hunt Needs You! Poster B2 (pdf)

Great Eggcase Hunt Easter Trail (pdf)

Great Eggcase Hunt Easter Trail ID Guide (pdf)

Skate Life Cycle A3 Poster (pdf)

Skate Life Cycle A3 Poster - Junior Version (pdf)

Great Eggcase Hunt ID Poster (pdf)

Great Eggcase Hunt Junior ID Guide (pdf)

USA (Eastern Seaboard) ID Guide (pdf)

Eggcase Identification & Recording (Northeast Atlantic):

Great Eggcase Hunt Leaflet (pdf) | Dutch | Serbian

Great Eggcase Hunt ID Key (pdf)

Eggcase ID Ruler

Eggcase Recording Form (pdf)

Shark, Skate and Ray Identification (Northeast Atlantic): 

British Sharks Leaflet (pdf)

Skate and Ray ID Guides and Factsheets

Shark ID Guides and Factsheets