Eggcase Results

With over 180,000 individual eggcase records submitted, the Great Eggcase Hunt is a phenomenon!

The map below shows all eggcases submitted to the project since it began in 2003 - click on a point to find out the species, quantity and specific location. Please note that not all of these records have been verified (photos or specimens must be sent to the Shark Trust in order for them to be listed as verified), therefore some species records may not be accurate.

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Student Projects

If you wish to use any of the Great Eggcase Hunt results displayed here for a student project, please contact the office with a brief summary of the project along with details of what information you would like to use. Please note that we cannot release the entire raw dataset.

Eggcase Surveys Conducted Around the UK and Ireland since 2003

Red Pin.Species verified (photo or specimen seen by the Shark Trust)
Blue Pin.Species not verified
Yellow Pin.Underwater eggcase