Great White Shark © Ofer Ketter.
When you adopt a White Shark you'll be helping to fund research in the Farallon Islands (USA) by Point Blue Conservation Science.


White Sharks are awesome because they undertake huge migrations. A famous White Shark, named 'Nicole', swam from South Africa to Western Australia. And back again. An impressive distance of 12,400 miles (20,000 kilometres)!

They're found in temperate seas all over the world including the Mediterranean. With larger specimens found in the tropics. Genetic analysis shows that Mediterranean White Sharks' closest relatives are Australian. It's thought that one Australian White Shark (or a few) made a wrong turn around 450,000 years ago and decided to stay.

Scientists estimate their life-span to be 70 years or more. Making them one of the longest-lived sharks!


The Farallon Islands are one of the best places in the world to study White Sharks in their natural environment. Point Blue biologists have a fantastic vantage point from the Farallon lighthouse. Their Shark Watch and Population Monitoring Project monitors shark movements and predation. As well as environmental change, population trends and behaviour patterns of prey.

In 1997 they documented an orca attacking a White Shark. After the attack all White Sharks disappeared from the waters around the island. An event that repeated itself in the autumn of 2000.

Point Blue's research has gained widespread recognition. It led to a 1994 California State Assembly bill protecting White Sharks in the state.

White Shark Adoption Pack.


When you adopt a White Shark you'll be helping to fund vital research. We’ll also send you an adoption pack presented in a shark illustrated folder. This includes:

  • Personalised Certificate
  • Factsheets - learn all about your amazing shark & research project
  • A4 Poster
  • Bookmark
  • Set of Shark Postcards


White Shark © Grant Henderson.

White Shark © Tonya Herron.

White Shark © Terry Goss.

White Shark © Sean Sequeira.

White Shark © Joshua Cortopassi.

White Shark © David Litchfield.

White Shark © Alec Connah.

White Shark © David Buckle.

White Shark © Adrian Hewitt.

White Shark © Tascha Eipe.

White Shark © William Buchheit.

White Shark © Ben Arthur.


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