Basking Shark © Charles Hood.

To ensure your adoption has as much impact as possible, your contribution will support our Basking Shark Project, helping not just one Basking Shark but many in the Northeast Atlantic!


The Basking Shark is the second largest fish in the ocean and a regular visitor to the British Isles in the summer. Each year shark enthusiasts flock to Basking Shark hot-spots hoping to catch a glimpse of this graceful giant. But did you know that as recently as the mid-1990’s Basking Sharks were heavily exploited for their liver oil, meat, fins and cartilage. The Shark Trust has been instrumental to securing protection and management for this species, which are now protected throughout EU waters, as well as under a number of international agreements.

However, their numbers remain a cause for concern - globally Basking Sharks are listed on the IUCN Red list as Vulnerable and, worse still, Endangered in the Northeast Atlantic. Monitoring, management and further research is crucial to ensure the survival of this iconic species. 

Basking Shark Adoption Pack.


When you adopt a Basking Shark you'll not only be helping to fund key research but we’ll also send you an adoption pack presented in a shark folder, which includes:

  • Personalised certificate
  • Basking Shark Factsheet
  • A4 poster
  • Car sticker
  • Set of eight postcards

► Download the latest Basking Shark Sightings Report (pdf)


The images below have been provided by photographers from around the world.

Basking Shark © Andrew Pearson.

Basking Shark © Sylvia Duckworth.

Basking Shark © Linda Pitkin.

Basking Shark © John Batten.

Basking Shark © Nick Robertson-Brown.

Basking Shark © Rory Goodall.

Basking Shark © Andrew Pearson.



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