Anglers Code of Conduct
Tope © Matthew Meier.


  • Respect other water and seashore users.
  • Take any litter home.
  • Take care not to disturb any wildlife.
  • Keep noise to a minimum early in the morning and late at night.
  • Park considerately, particularly on farmland.
  • Report any illegal activity to the Environment Agency.


  • Make sure you know local size limits and non-retention species.
  • Only take fish you intend to eat.
  • Use suitable equipment for the area and species you are targeting.
  • Use barbless or circle hooks for easier release of unwanted fish.
  • Never gaff a fish. It is unnecessary and extremely damaging.
  • Strike early to avoid deep hooking fish.
  • If a hook cannot be removed, cut the line as far down as possible.
  • Prepare everything necessary to photograph/weigh/release a fish before landing it.
  • Handle fish as little as possible using wet gloves or cloth.
  • Take the time to resuscitate a tired fish by running water across its gills.