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Frequently Asked Questions


➤   Where can I find a responsible Basking Shark tour operator in the UK?

The WISE Scheme has a list of accredited Basking Shark tour operators who adhere to the Basking Shark Code of Conduct.

➤   When can I see Basking Sharks in the UK?

Basking Sharks have been sighted as early as February in the Southwest of England and can be visible from the Southwest up to the Hebrides of Scotland until late September. On calm days keep an eye on the sea for the Basking Shark's large fin and even their tail and snout poking out of the water. Check out Basking Shark hotspots in the UK.

➤   I have seen a Basking Shark, what should I do?

Contact the Shark Trust with as much detail about the sighting as possible including the location, the date and time of the sighting, the number and sizes of sharks and any comments on their behaviour. If you have any photographs of the dorsal fin, they are important for photo identification and you can submit them to the Photo-ID Database.

➤   I want to adopt a Basking Shark, what do I get and where does my money go?

Visit our adoption pages to find out more.

➤   Are Basking Sharks dangerous?

Basking Sharks are not usually considered dangerous, however their sheer size and potential power makes them creatures to be treated with respect and caution. Should you be lucky enough to see one, please ensure a safe and positive interaction between human and shark by adhering to the Shark Trust’s Basking Shark Code of Conduct.

➤   Are Basking Sharks protected?

The Northeast Atlantic populations of Basking Sharks are listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List. They are heavily protected in all four devolved administrations, are a Prohibited Species and a UK BAP species. Find out more.