Basking Shark Research

Basking Shark Tagging © Simon Berrow.There are a number of tagging studies being undertaken around the UK, Ireland and France, using a range of different methodologies including visual tags, timed depth recorders and satellite tags.

Tagging studies are a vital tool in understanding the life-history of these often enigmatic sharks. Through tagging scientists can determine factors such as spatial and temporal movements; identify important areas of concentrations; observe interaction between identified and sexed sharks; observe behavioural patterns and habits of individual sharks; record ecological and biological changes to a shark over time; use mapping software to identify patterns in movements with possible determining factors.

If you see a tag on a live shark or, even better, are able to photograph the tag, please contact the Shark Trust with all the details relating to the tag. If you find a tag, either on a dead shark, or unattached and washed up on the beach you can also contact the Shark Trust and we’ll find out who the tag belongs to and forward the information to them. 

We’ll also keep you in the loop – letting you know which organisation tagged the shark and the project they are working on, as well as any information available on the shark itself and how you can follow progress of the tagging study.