Blonde Ray Eggcase

Blonde Ray Eggcase © Shark Trust.Latin Name: Raja brachyura


  • By far the largest ‘ray’ eggcase.
  • Convex on one side and relatively flat on the other.
  • Widest at the ‘waist’.
  • Thick and sturdy.

Capsule Size: Approximately 100-143mm long x 58-90mm wide excluding horns (when soaked).

Horns (when present):
Distinctive. One pair are very long, about two thirds the length of the capsule. The second pair are very short and strongly curled at the tips. Unfortunately the horns appear to be the first casualties of the sea, and often only the capsule is washed up.

Lateral keels: Quite deep, up to 10mm deep.

Fields: Relatively deep.

Characteristic features: Large size of capsule should be an instant giveaway, even when the horns are missing.