Blonde Ray Distribution

Blonde Ray © Marc Dando.After the Common Skate and White Skate, the eggcase of the Blonde Ray is likely to be the next largest eggcase you'll find in the UK and Ireland. Occasionally, with the same distinctive keels and similar capsule shape (especially when dry), this eggcase can be mistaken for that of the Thornback Ray. However, the larger size of the Blonde eggcase (capsule approximately 90mm) and the much longer top horns - compared to the bottom horns - are key distinctions.

Records for Blonde Ray eggcases are extensive for much of England and North Wales, though very few have been found on either coast in the north of England or throughout Scotland.

Read the Shark Trust's Blonde Ray ID Guide to discover more about the biology and conservation of the Blonde Ray, as well as information about fisheries.

Distribution of Blonde Ray Eggcases

Red Pin.Species verified (photo or specimen seen by the Shark Trust)
Blue Pin.Species not verified
Yellow Pin.Underwater eggcase

Student Projects

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