Campaign Achievements

The Shark Trust continues to raise awareness about shark finning, lobby against finning at an international level, and support other nations in adopting and implementing positive shark management measures.

2001 - The Shark Trust, together with WildAid, pioneers the campaign for a total ban on shark finning, bringing the issue of shark finning in European waters and by European vessels to the attention of the European Commission.

2002 - Ongoing lobbying directly contributes to the adoption of EU shark finning legislation in 2003.

2003 - The Shark Trust and WildAid present a petition of 83,000 signatures to Fisheries Minister Ben Bradshaw, campaigning for improvement to existing legislation.

2004 - The Trust continues to raise public awareness about the campaign on shark finning and lobbies for greater accountability of EU states involved in shark fisheries.

2005 - With an upcoming review of the EU finning legislation, the Trust steps up the campaign for improvements to the existing legislation.

2006 - The Trust becomes a founder member of the Shark Alliance, a not-for-profit coalition of non-governmental organisations dedicated to restoring and conserving shark populations by improving European fishing policy.

2007 - Under the Shark Alliance banner the Shark Trust unites with shark conservation organisations across Europe to instigate the inaugural European Shark Week and puts pressure on the EU Commission to create the Community Plan of Action for Sharks (CPOA Sharks) they had committed to adopt in 2001.

2008 - The long awaited CPOA Sharks is finally released for consultation. The Shark Trust supports most of the CPOA’s objectives and continues to urge the EU Commission to adopt a strong CPOA.

2009 - UK Ministers commit to closure of shark finning loophole. All UK vessels, anywhere in the world, must now land sharks with fins attached. Read more.

2010 - Four Members of European Parliament (MEPs) launch a Written Declaration calling on the European Commission to end at-sea removal of shark fins. The EU Finning Regulation is released for consultation and the Shark Trust, as part of the Shark Alliance, present European Shark Week 2009 petitions to Spanish authorities urging them to support shark conservation. Read more.

2011 - Working with the Shark Alliance, the Shark Trust secures a comprehensive UK response to the consultation, making a strong case for Fins Naturally Attached (FNA). The Trust also meets with the UK Fisheries Minister to discuss continued support for the FNA policy, as well as Permanent Fisheries Representatives and MEPs in Brussels to discuss the upcoming legislative phase.

2012 - The EU Council of Fisheries Ministers adopts a position in favour of FNA with positive support also demonstrated by the European Parliament Environment Committee. The Shark Trust urges MEPs to endorse a strict EU policy against removing shark fins at sea, without exceptions.

2013 - On the 6th June, the European Council of Ministers approves text for FNA. Implementation of this regulation, particularly in the EU’s far-reaching, high volume shark fisheries, represents a momentous step forward for shark conservation and the culmination of many years targeted advocacy.