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The Shark Trust's Stop Shark Finning Campaign is supported by Gordon Ramsay, Sir David Jason, Miranda Krestofnikov, Monty Halls and Nick Baker.

Gordon Ramsay - Shark Trust Patron

Shark Trust Patron - Gordon Ramsay.In 2010 I had the opportunity to make a programme called SHARKBAIT, which exposed the cruel practice of shark finning as well as the often secretive and destructive industry that surrounds it. Up until then I had been unaware of the completely horrific and totally unnecessary practice, which could lead to the extinction of sharks in the future. As a result and ever since, I have been a patron of the Shark Trust, who do great work in raising awareness and campaigning for the protection of these beautiful creatures. I'm honoured to support this cause and hope that together we can all do what we can to help these endangered species remain in our waters for future generations".

In the video below Gordon Ramsay talks to Shark Trust Founder and Trustee, Sarah Fowler, about the effect that the popularity of shark fin soup is having on shark numbers.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay joined the Shark Trust as a patron in 2010. In this time Gordon has raised crucial awareness about shark finning and the work of the Trust. His TV programme Gordon Ramsay’s: SHARKBAIT, which was aired in January 2011 as part of Channel 4’s Big Fish Fight, has brought the issue of shark finning and its implications for shark populations to public attention and has generated phenomenal public support for this campaign.

Sir David Jason - Shark Trust Patron

Shark Trust Patron - Sir David Jason."Sharks are one of our planets oldest inhabitants having been here some four hundred million years, while mankind, nature's great destroyers, has only been here a mere two hundred thousand years.

Approximately one hundred million sharks are killed each year, largely to satisfy the demand for shark fin soup and such huge numbers being caught mean that many shark species are facing extinction. Apart from the moral issue the practical one is that we need healthy oceans, and oceans can only remain healthy if marine eco-systems stay in balance, as apex predators sharks are vital components in marine food chains.

The new European law stopping the finning of sharks is vital for the survival of these wonderful and beautiful creatures that are among Earths oldest inhabitants

Miranda Krestofnikov - TV Presenter

Miranda Krestofnikov.I fully support the Shark Trust and other organisations campaigning for tighter legislation to stop the finning of sharks. An effective law would be a huge step forward in the battle to stop sharks being pushed towards extinction. Unless finning is stopped all together there will come a time when divers will no longer see these beautiful creatures in the water, which I would regard as an absolute tragedy”.

Monty Halls - Shark Trust Patron  

Shark Trust Patron - Monty Halls.In the space of a single lifetime, we have depleted one of the most charismatic and significant animals on earth. Every dive operation, every fisherman, and every local in any coastal location throughout the world all speak of the sudden absence of sharks from their waters. Finning is taking place globally on an industrial scale, and this extraordinary predator is being swept from the sea. Not only is the practice barbaric, it is being carried out on a massive scale. The time to halt the annihilation of the shark is now, and the responsibility is ours alone. Leave it to the next generation, and they will be searching empty seas”.

Nick Baker - Shark Trust Patron

Shark Trust Patron - Nick Baker.Out of sight out of mind; I've seen the finless corpses washed up on beaches and the dead and dying on the ocean bottom; shark finning is not only a disgraceful practice in itself, it is also totally unsustainable and the final product is nothing more than tasteless water. A demand fuelled by a mythological potency and the insecurity of the human mind”.


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