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Shark conservation is a global problem and needs global solutions. We reflect this in our portfolio of projects and campaigns. Based in the UK, we represent a membership from around the world! We also have a large and ever-growing number of followers. 

To make sure we're a good fit for you or your business click here to find out more about our work. If you're keen to partner with us take a look at our opportunities below.


With your help we'll be able to maximise funding for vital projects.

COMMERCIAL SUPPORTERS - Pledge to donate a percentage of your sales to the Shark Trust and become a commercial supporter. We'll promote your business on our Commercial Supporters web page. This includes a short description of your business, your logo and a link to your website. We'll also give you the Shark Trust's in aid of logo so you can promote our partnership on your website.

PROJECT SPONSORSHIP - Are there any projects or activities you're keen to support? We'd love to discuss how we can help you best align your brand to our work. Sponsorship gets your brand seen. It shows an audience of passionate shark supporters that you care about shark conservation. As a project sponsor you'll be able to take advantage of PR exposure. We'll also promote you on our website, social media platforms and at events. As well as in visitor attractions at varying scales.

CORE SPONSORSHIP - Become the Shark Trust headline sponsor and you'll get the works. We'll provide PR coverage and promote you, or your business, on social media, in our e-newsletter, and at a range of conference and events. We'll also add your logo to a prime location on our website. As a core sponsor you'll be helping to cover our operational costs. This provides the stability we need to work on longer-term projects.

►For more information download our Corporate Partnership guide (pdf)

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