Shark Trust Patron -  MICHAELA STRACHAN

Michaela Strachan."I became patron of the Shark Trust because I am a big fan of sharks. I often get asked what my favourite animals are and I usually reply orang-utans and sharks. I admire sharks; they have been around for a very long time and are perfectly adapted to their environment.

I have swum with Lemon Sharks in Bimini where we were doing experiments to check the contents of their stomachs, and had many other in water shark experiences. I live in Cape Town so have had opportunities to cage dive with Great White Sharks, and have seen them breaching which is a truly awesome sight.

For 'Michaela's Wild Challenge' I even tagged Basking Sharks when I was pregnant, they're deceptively speedy so they exhausted me in my pregnant condition. I've filmed a documentary about shark bites and one on the harvesting of shark fins for shark fin soup.

Humans have an irrational fear of sharks and perhaps this attitude has helped contribute to their unsustainable exploitation. It’s organisations like the Shark Trust that have promoted awareness which is reflected in the healthy respect many of us now have for these misunderstood creatures."

Wildlife Presenter, Michaela Strachan, is probably best known for presenting programs such as; The Really Wild Show, Michaela’s Wild Challenge, Animal Rescue Squad and Countryfile, as well as Autumnwatch and Springwatch for the BBC. Michaela has been a long standing patron of the Shark Trust.


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