The world of sharks comes to Bristol

25 Oct 2016

UK// It’s now only four days until EEA2016 – the annual scientific conference of the European Elasmobranch Association – officially opens in Bristol, hosted by the Shark Trust.

EEA2016 will bring together around 150 researchers, conservationists, policy-makers, students and interested members of the public to discuss the latest research into many of the 1200+ species of shark, skate and ray (known collectively as elasmobranchs) found around the world. In addition to the UK and Europe, delegates will arrive from Algeria, Australia, Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, UAE and the US; in all 22 countries will be represented at the conference.

The scope of the presentations, too, is truly global. Keynote speakers include Jim Ellis of the UK’s Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Dean Grubbs from Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory and Daniel Suddaby, coordinator of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Smart Fishing Initiative. Complementing the keynotes, presentations range from Tope in the Northeast Atlantic, Broadnose Sevengill Sharks in New Zealand waters, the effectiveness of MPAs for the recovery of Undulate Ray populations, White Sharks and ecotourism in Mexico, Largetooth Sawfish in northern Australia, migratory behaviour of deep-sea sharks, and working with the Cornish fishing industry to reduce bycatch of Spurdog…just to name a few!

EEA2016 runs from Friday 28th – Sunday 30th October at Bristol Aquarium.

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