Shark Focus Issue 45 - out now!

19 Dec 2012

UK// The Shark Trust is pleased to announce the release of our 45th issue of Shark Focus, the magazine that keeps our members up to date with all the latest news in shark conservation. Members should receive their copy just in time for Christmas.

You may have noticed that Shark Focus is a little later than usual; this is because we wanted to bring you the very latest news direct from Strasbourg regarding the final vote on the EU Shark Finning Regulation and we’re sure you’ll find it was worth the wait.  The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of supporting a stronger EU Finning Ban (566-47) and, while we’re still waiting for this to be formally adopted, it’s a phenomenal way to end the year and mark our 15th anniversary.

We have all very much enjoyed working on this issue, as well as news of our latest campaign victory the magazine also includes a number of interesting features, written by shark experts from around the world:

Dr Charlie Underwood considers the presence of Carcharodon carcharias in his article ‘White Sharks in UK waters’, in response to the discovery of a fossilised White Shark tooth off the coast of Scotland.

Philip Doherty, Lucy Hawkes, Brendan Godley and Matthew Witt from the University of Exeter write about tagging and tracking Britain’s gentle giant – the Basking Shark.

The Shark Trust also brings you fifteen years of shark conservation, future objectives and assesses the footprint of the UK over-10m fishing fleet from 1985-2010. To mark this special anniversary issue we’ve also included three A3 sized posters to adorn your walls; illustrating a skates life cycle, a shark’s anatomy and an A-Z of sharks.

We hope you enjoy this latest issue and wish you all a merry Christmas and New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2013 to further shark conservation.

Although Shark Focus is exclusive to Shark Trust members, past issues can be downloaded from the Shark Focus archive.

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