Blue and Shortfin Mako Shark © Andy Murch.

We launched our No Limits? campaign in 2014 in response to the crisis posed by unlimited and escalating fishing pressure. Our aim is to stop the overfishing of several vulnerable shark species in the Atlantic.

Overfishing is currently the biggest threat facing sharks worldwide. Landings have soared over past decades placing huge pressure on shark populations. This has serious implications for the wider marine ecosystem, as well as the communities that rely on sharks for their livelihood.

No Limits? sharks in particular are in serious trouble and need our urgent attention. These include Blue Sharks, Shortfin Mako, Tope, smoothhounds and catsharks. All of which are being fished at an alarming rate in the Atlantic.

If we want to keep these sharks in our waters we need to ensure they’re fished sustainably. So, we’re campaigning for science-based catch limits to be set. Before it’s too late.

Together Let’s Stop Uncontrolled Shark Fishing!

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