No Limits? Campaign
Blue and Shortfin Mako Shark © Andy Murch.

The No Limits? campaign highlights the urgent need for science-based catch limits for shark species currently open to unchecked exploitation and unrestricted trade. The Trust invites you to join us in calling on National Governments, the European Commission and, in turn, the Regional Fisheries Management Organisations to acknowledge that management is urgently required for all commercially exploited species and to implement and enforce science-based catch limits at the earliest opportunity.

To put it simply: No Limits? No Future!

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In 2009 the adoption of the EU Community Plan of Action for Sharks paved the way for shark management reform, promising review of the EU shark finning ban, adoption of science-based catch limits and provision of special protection for vulnerable species. Beyond the successful review of the EU shark finning regulation scant progress has been made. Despite this, EU shark fisheries management is improving, with catch limits and strict protection finally imposed for species including Spiny Dogfish, Porbeagle and most skate and ray. Yet, incredibly, no catch limits, or management of any sort, exists for the Blue Shark, Shortfin Mako, Tope, smoothhound or catsharks, which make up the No Limits? sharks.

Adopt all of these sharks today, as part of the No Limits? adoption programme and help us stop uncontrolled shark fishing!