Nursehound Eggcase

Nursehound Eggcase © Shark Trust.Latin Name: Scyliorhinus stellaris

Capsule: Robust, elongated capsule with lengthwise striations. Thick ridge along the longer sides.

Capsule Size: Approximately 90mm long x 30mm wide, not including tendrils (when soaked).

Horns (when present): Very long curly tendrils extend from all four corners, may be snapped off.

Lateral keels: No frilly keel, but strong ridged margins 8mm wide.

Fields: Present but not obvious.

Characteristic features: Very long tendrils, often found washed up in clumps. Seen by divers attached to sea fans and kelp holdfasts.

Similar Eggcases: Smallspotted Catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula).

Find out more about Nursehound eggcases by downloading our scientific poster, which was presented at the Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI) conference in 2015.