Nursehound Shark Distribution

Nursehound © Marc Dando.Commonly found around the coastlines of the UK and Ireland, Nursehound (a species of catshark) eggcases are similar in shape to those of the Smallspotted Catshark, although they are easily differentiated by their much larger size.

To date, very few Nursehound eggcases have been recorded on Scottish and Irish shores, or from the northeast of England. Nursehounds, along with Smallspotted Catsharks, are one of the most abundant shark species in British waters, although there are reports of localised population declines in some areas.

Read the Shark Trust's Nursehound ID Guide to discover more about the biology and conservation of the Nursehound, as well as information about catshark fisheries.

You can also download our scientific poster on Nursehound eggcases, which we presented at the Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI) conference in 2015.

Distribution of Nursehound Eggcases:

Red Pin.Species verified (photo or specimen seen by the Shark Trust)
Blue Pin.Species not verified
Yellow Pin.Underwater eggcase