Position Statement - White Sharks in Britain

On July 30th 2006 the BBC broadcast 'Sharks-Great Whites in Great Britain'. The Shark Trust fully supports the making of documentaries that highlight the wonderful diversity of Sharks in British waters and draws attention to the threats they face.

White Sharks have a fearsome reputation and a superstar iconic status, the fear they generate being disproportionate to the actuality.

Whilst there is no reason why these animals should not be found in British waters there is no concrete proof to support their presence.

In investigating seventy claimed UK White Shark sightings and encounters the Shark Trust Chairman Richard Peirce has found less than 10% remain credible, yet remain anecdotal due to the lack of concrete proof.

In discussing the programme Richard stated, “Whilst I was delighted to have been able to help the BBC with this programme I hope the public will not form the wrong impression leading to alarmist reactions. If we can prove White Sharks are occasional vagrant visitors to UK waters then this may be nothing new, they could have been visiting for tens of thousands of years".