Smallspotted Catshark Eggcase

Smallspotted Catshark Eggcase © Shark Trust.Latin Name: Scyliorhinus canicula

Capsule: Smooth, paper thin and translucent with lengthwise striations. Fawn to dark brown in colouration.

Capsule Size: Approximately 40-60mm long x 20-30mm wide, not including tendrils (when soaked).

Horns (when present):
No pointed horns. Long and very curly tendrils extend from each corner - these are used for securing the eggcase to seabed material (sea weed, sea fans, rocks).

Lateral keels: No frilly keel, but a distinct edge margin approx 2mm deep.

Fields: None

Characteristic features: Long curly tendrils, eggcases often found in clumps. May be seen by divers attached to sea fans.

Similar Eggcases: Nursehound (Scyliorhinus stellaris).