Spotted Ray Eggcase

Spotted Ray Eggcase © Shark Trust.Latin Name: Raja montagui


  • Relatively delicate and elongated in comparison to other species.
  • Widest across its ‘waist’.
  • Both sides convex.

Capsule Size: Approximately 53-78mm long x 30-50mm wide excluding horns (when soaked). 

Horns (when present):

  • All four horns of similar length to one another; more than half the length of the capsule, but no longer than capsule length.
  • One pair are flattened and often curl towards one another at the tips (giving the impression of a stag beetle).
  • When the capsule is viewed side on, the other pair are curled upwards, in the style of a bobsleigh, with a strong downwards hook at the tips.

Lateral keels: Absent. 

Fields: Absent or very shallow. 

Characteristic features: No lateral keels, and fields absent or shallow. Distinctive ‘bobsleigh’ curl to one pair of horns.
Similar Eggcases:
Undulate Ray (Raja undulata).