Starry Skate Eggcase

Starry Skate Eggcase © Shark Trust.Latin Name: Amblyraja radiata

Capsule: Both sides very textured, like stiff velvet. One side of capsule may have ridges running from side to side giving an impression of a wash board.

Capsule Size: Approximately 34-89mm long x 23-68mm wide excluding horns (when soaked).

Horns (when present): Horns of approximately equal length to one another. About two thirds length of capsule.

Lateral keels: Present, up to 5mm wide.

Fields: Very shallow between distal horns. Up to 6-7mm deep between proximal horns.

Characteristic features: May be confused with the eggcases of Thornback Ray but the strongly textured capsule sets it apart.

Similar Eggcases: Thornback Ray (Raja clavata)

This is a deep water species and eggcase findings are rare. If you think you’ve found this eggcase, please submit your record with a photograph for verification.