UK Achievements
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The Shark Trust values a positive relationship with Defra's Marine and Fisheries Directorate, as it does with Marine Scotland, and liaises on a regular basis with the department and on occasion with the Fisheries Minister. This is done both centrally and within the Devolved Administrations; contributing to the emergence of the UK government as a vocal advocate for shark conservation.

Shark Trust efforts in the past eight years have contributed to, or directly resulted in:

  • A prohibition on the removal of shark fins at sea on all UK vessels worldwide (Oct 2009). Find out more.
  • The closure of the target fishery for Porbeagle (Jan 2008).
  • Legislation to restrict commercial targeting of Tope and the prevention of landing by recreational fishers (March 2008).
  • Implementation of single-species landings data requirements for skate and ray from UK vessels (March 2008).
  • Commissioned research on survival rates of discarded bycaught skates, rays and sharks.
  • Recognition for the need for improved monitoring of shark fisheries.
  • The emergency closure of the deep-water shark gillnet fishery (Oct 2005).
  • Listing of Basking Shark, Angelshark and White Skate under domestic wildlife conservation measures.

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fethiye Escort Denizli Escort Pendik Escort Kadikoy Escort