Undulate Ray Distribution

Undulate Ray © Marc Dando.The Undulate Ray is a Prohibited Species in commercial fisheries - with no targeting, retaining, transhipping or landing of the ray permitted in ICES areas VI, VII, VIII, IX and X. The Undulate Ray is also a key marine species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP), with management plans in place to encourage expansion of both range and population.

Take a moment to run through the Shark Trusts Eggcase ID Key for this one - with an approximate capsule length of 70mm and no keels, the Undulate Ray eggcase can be easily confused with that of the Spotted Ray.

Read the Shark Trust's Undulate Ray ID Guide to discover more about the biology and conservation of the Undulate Ray.

Distribution of Undulate Ray Eggcases:

Red Pin.Species verified (photo or specimen seen by the Shark Trust)
Blue Pin.Species not verified
Yellow Pin.Underwater eggcase

Student Projects

If you wish to use any of the Great Eggcase Hunt results displayed here for a student project, please contact the office with a brief summary of the project along with details of what information you would like to use. Please note that we cannot release the entire raw dataset.