White Skate Eggcase

White Skate Eggcase © Shark Trust.Latin Name: Rostroraja alba


  • Very square, almost as wide as it is long.
  • Strong ridges run from top to bottom, giving the capsule a rough feel.
  • Both faces of the capsule are convex, one side more so than the other.

Capsule Size: Approximately 125-183mm long x 100-138mm wide excluding horns (when soaked).

Horns (when present):
The long pair of horns are flat and wide, and almost as long as the capsule. The short pair of horns are only one third of the length of the capsule, and are strongly hooked at the tips.

Lateral keels: Up to 20mm deep.

Fields: Field between the long pair of horns is up to 20mm deep. Field is very shallow, or absent, between the short pair of horns.

Characteristic features:
One of the largest skate eggcases which can be found - they can be distinguished from the two other large eggcases found around the British Isles (Common Skate and Long-nose Skate) as the top horns are very long (if intact) and the two bottom horns are much shorter.

White Skate eggcases are rarely found around the UK coastline but can be found in southern Ireland where they wash up from the Celtic Sea. If you think you've found one, please send us a photograph or the eggcase itself so we can verify your record. The geographical range of White Skate covers the Eastern Atlantic coasts from the southern British Isles south to South Africa, including the Mediterranean Sea.