Hello my name is Hector I’m 7years old and I’m bivviying out (which means no tent) in the freezing cold weather on February 13th 2021. To challenge myself I have decided to bivvie in my garden with my family using only branches leaves and twigs for a shelter and my sleeping bag.

I am doing this challenge because I love sharks so much I was so sad when I heard that over the last 50 years, 70% of the shark population has disappeared. 24 of 31 species of shark are also now endangered and 3 of them are on the critical list. This is because of over fishing for their meat and liver oil and also fisherman sometimes throw their nets into the sea then Sharks swim into the falling net, get stuck and die. Despite the gloomy picture, there is hope. By supporting The Shark Trust we can give them money to help protect these vulnerable creatures.

I am doing this sleep out so that future generations will be able to see Sharks in the wild and not just on posters!

Hector Milton