Brad Cutmore

Save the Sharks

According to the international union for conservation of nature, of the 465 recognised shark species, 74 are currently listed as threatened and 11 are critically endangered. Humans remain the single largest threat to shark populations with an estimated 100 million caught annually through bycatch, illegal fishing and finning.

“This is terrible, who will do something!?” I hear you cry, well fear not, dear friend.

I, Bradley Cutmore, have decided to solve this problem once and for all by riding my bike quite far (100km) in the dark, in exchange for your precious riches. All money raised will go towards the Shark Trust, they are a tremendous Plymouth-based charity fighting to raise awareness for shark conversation and change current legislation focusing on three main areas:

● SPECIES PROTECTION - protection of endangered species through legislation and effective conservation action. Our Saving Species projects place science at the heart of conservation action.

● FISHERIES MANAGEMENT - fisheries managed for sustainability to prevent declines in non-threatened species. We're striving to transform fisheries to prevent population decline through overfishing.

● RESPONSIBLE TRADE – we seek to promote responsible trade and reduced demand for non-sustainable shark products.

Sharks are often underrated and misunderstood. As apex predators in the ecosystem, they maintain the health of species further down the food chain by removing weak and sick individuals. They also shift their prey’s spatial habitat, which alters the feeding strategy and diets of other species.
By taking sharks out of the coral reef ecosystem, the larger predatory fish, such as groupers, increase in abundance and feed on the herbivores. With less herbivores, macroalgae expands and coral can no longer compete, shifting the ecosystem to one of algae dominance, affecting the survival of the reef system. Oceana released a report in July 2008, “Predators as Prey: Why Healthy Oceans Need Sharks”, illustrating our need to protect sharks.

A donation of any size will make a big difference to the Shark Trust and I am cycling very far on my bike.

Thanks very much and lots of love,


Brad Cutmore