Charlie Moores

Some of you may know me as 'that person who makes podcasts for Lush', some of you may know me as 'that person who used to go birdwatching, but doesn't seem to anymore', and most of you will have no idea who I am at all.

Well, I make podcasts for Lush, I used to go birdwatching a lot, but now I talk (endlessly) about the environment and biodiversity loss. I've made podcasts about birds, about insects, about plants, about mammals, about Sizewell C, open cast coal mines, raptor persecution, stink pits, trail hunt lies, veganism, the badger cull, and any number of charities - but I've not done much on or for sharks (though I have interviewed Sandy Stewart of Sharkwater Extinction, which reminded me at the time that I've not done much on or for sharks).

Well, it's time to #DoSomeFin, time to get on my bike, time to pedal through the night.

I'm going to do the Bristol Nightrider 2019 cycle ride for Shark Trust! Yep, I'm going to cycle 100km for sharks!

Now 100km isn't Lands End to John O'Groats, but it's still a LONG way, and I would be incredibly grateful if you'd back my efforts. A pound (or two) will hopefully mean I don't need to spend a night out of bed AND make up the deficit in my promised sponsorship.

And, come on, it's for SHARKS! Sharks are really cool. But also under huge threat. Our oceans need them, and I need sponsoring!

Think of it. 100km around Bristol's hills and Bristol's streets. At night. Chances are it'll be raining too. That's got be worth a pound (or two) eh?

Oh, and I'll be making a podcast with Shark Trust too.

Thanks so much :)

Charlie Moores