Emma Bagnall

As the newest staff member to join the Shark Trust team in January 2019, I wanted to do my bit to help promote the amazing work that I am proud to be a part of. So, I thought it would be sensible idea, as I have never even run a race before, to enter the Plymouth Half Marathon, to try and raise money on our home ground by running for sharks.

The Shark Trust (est. 1997) is a charity based in the UK, with a global reach. Our collaborations include Global Sharks & Rays Initiative, Shark League for Atlantic and Mediterranean and the European Elasmobranch Association. We've always worked with the UK Government and an ever-growing network of partners. The UK is now internationally recognised as a champion for shark conservation. And this enables us to influence and create positive change for sharks further afield.

We can always do more, and our only limit is our resources. All the money raised will go directly towards supporting the Shark Trust's work, so please help us by donating anything you can.

...And if you happen to be in Plymouth Sunday 19th May, please do come along and support - and by support, I also mean a helpful shove to keep me going and some water!

Thank You.

#Run4Sharks #DoSomeFin

Emma Bagnall