Neil Garry

Hey! What's Up! I am running the Edinburgh marathon on May 26th to raise money for the Shark Trust. The Shark Trust is a Marine Conservation charity. Their aim is to "see a future where sharks thrive within a globally healthy ecosystem". They are an organisation that is guided by scientific evidence and the principles of sustainability.

I am pursuing a degree in environmental studies and I am really passionate about Wildlife Conservation. I hope one day to make it my career. Last year I was in Costa Rica for 3 months primarily doing sea turtle conservation and in March 2019 I will be doing a 4 week internship in Samos, Greece on Terrestrial Conservation. I decided to raise money for the Shark Trust because I thought it was a charity many people might not think about because of the perception of sharks. Sharks are really important for an entire marine ecosystem because they are an apex predator and so they regulate and maintain the balance of marine ecosystems. So if sharks disappeared a lot of other amazing marine species would be affected. Overfishing is one of the main threats to Sharks with an estimated 1/4 of shark and ray species being threatened with extinction. Your donation will directly go towards the sharks trust conservation efforts such as their angelshark project and their sawfish project.

Thanks for donating.


There is some more literature found down below if you want to learn more.

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Neil Garry