For any of you who already know me, it won’t be news to you to hear that the conservation of life on this planet is something that I’m hugely passionate about! I have recently completed my undergraduate at Plymouth university and am now studying a Masters in Marine Conservation; so supporting shark trust, a Plymouth based conservation charity feels like the obvious decision.

I have been lucky enough to listen to talks from the Shark Trust during my time at Uni and just learning about the work this organisation does for these beautiful creatures only helps to fuel my passion for conservation. This year I have finally decided it’s my opportunity to help support the fantastic work of this organisation and run my first half marathon, in the home of both shark trust and my conservation masters!

Any donations towards this mission would be greatly appreciated, not only by myself but also from all the hard-working individuals at the Shark Trust who do so much for the conservation of this amazing species! 😊

Rebekah Noakes